All Outdoor Burning Prohibited in Bastrop County

Next Board of Commissioners Meeting
 Tuesday September 8, 2015

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Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Bastrop County Emergency Services District No.1 to ensure that our businesses, residents and guests are, and remain safe while conducting business, living, and traveling throughout the District.



  • With life safety being of the utmost importance, we will focus on a standardized level of training. Standardized training will help us ensure that responders arrive at, and return from requests for service that they answer in an effective and efficient manner, safely.

  • Our second priority shall be to focus on incident stabilization. We will achieve this by ensuring a standardized approach to apparatus response, which will assist Incident Commanders in understanding what resources are responding, and what additional resources may be needed to ensure that incident stabilization is achieved.

  • Property conservation is our next priority, and we will focus on developing a comprehensive prevention program to meet this goal. This program shall focus on creating a proactive approach, as opposed to reactive. We will reinforce this approach with a comprehensive hazard risk analysis, which will identify areas of concern and resources that would be needed prior to the response. In addition, we will develop a community education program that allows prevention efforts to be taught in the school systems, along with providing smoke detectors and teaching other prevention methods to homeowners throughout the district at little to no expense to them.

Business Plan
Bastrop County ESD No. 1 put together a business plan to help guide the district operations and planning.  The current business plan can be found here.

ISO Rating
Bastrop County ESD No. 1 and all contracting fire departments have been awarded an ISO rating of 3/10.  This new rating became effective 8/1/2010.  Official notification was made on March 11th, 2010.  This will provide up to a 40.4% REDUCTION in home owner's insurance rates.  The Texas Department of Insurance provides additional information on what this means for our community.  More ISO information can be found here.

Monthly ESD Meetings

The commissioners of Bastrop County ESD No. 1 meet on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 pm at the Bastrop County ESD No. 1 Central Fire and Training Facility, 1965 FM 20, Red Rock TX 78662, on the corner of Fohn Rd. and FM 20. All meetings are open to the public and residents living in the district are encouraged to attend.  For more information, click here: Meetings

Interested in Volunteering?

Are you interested in volunteering?  The first step is to download and complete an application for membership.  If you have further questions, please contact us via email here.  

Address/Contact Information

Physical Address:                               Mailing Address:
Bastrop County ESD No. 1                  Bastrop County ESD No. 1
1965 FM 20                                       P.O. Box 357
Red Rock TX 78662                            Red Rock TX 78662   

phone (512) 308-0086
fax (512) 412-7005